Four Leaf is a male bird.


Four Leaf has the ability to teleport through rainbows, as well as the ability to make things magically appear (like a pot of gold). He can also cut through clover marked wood and gold very well.


Four Leaf came to existence suddenly one St. Patrick’s Day. He was spotted going around Bird Island leaving huge buckets of gold at everybody’s houses with some rainbow dust left behind. The flock found him at Pig City caught in a Leprechaun trap of some sort at King Pig’s castle. And from what it looked like, King Pig was holding Four Leaf hostage to take all of his gold. When the birds rescued Four Leaf, he gave them a huge pot of gold, but then disappeared by a rainbow. Every St. Patrick’s Day Four Leaf comes back to Bird Island, leaving more lucky gifts for the birds (basically he’s an Irish Santa Claus).


Four Leaf is a bit much when you first actually talk to him. Once he begins to talk he doesn’t seem to stop. He usually speaks in a very enthusiastic tone while talking about what he does for a living, or about his friends. He also seems to say too much about his “magic gift-giving secrets”. But once you can get through his babbling, he’s just like any old bird. Friendly with just a bit of anger. Because he only comes once a year, Four Leaf makes sure he delivers his presents quickly so he can spend quality time with the birds (and possibly help them with beating the bad pigs too).


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