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Template:NewWiki The Frito Bird is a rare bird naturally made out of fritos (you can't eat him) that first appears in Angry Birds Fritos in 2-7. When you unlock him, you earn 100 coins (click here to learn more about coins)

Frito Bird
Frito Bird
General Info
Powers Throw explosive chip bombs
First Level Appearance: Where The Good Stuff Is 2-7
Gender: Male
Species: Antillean Fritobird
Locations: Many since Where the Good Stuff Is
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium


He looks like a stack of fritos, has a yellowish-brown and black tail, red eyebrows, and a beak similar to the Red Bird.


  • He is the only bird in ABF which the telepod release is delayed, and it was released March 5, 2014.
  • He is similar to the Ice Bird from Angry Birds Space since they are rare species of bird and only appear in one game.
  • He has a redesign, with smaller eyes and darker eyebrows.
  • He is friends with Durian Bird, another rare food bird.