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Frosthead Pigs are a type of pig appearing in Angry Birds Blues: The Second Game: Avenge the Fallen. Their power is similar to that of the Hothead Pigs, but instead of destroying structures, they freeze structures so that they are easier to break, and at the same time, freeze birds so that they can't move. Their power is similar to that of Icebomb.



Frosthead Pig is a basic minion pig with light blue, frozen skin. He appears to have a happy, jolly face most of the time. Frosthead Pig also has icicles protruding from the top of his head. He is the opposite of Hothead Pig, an angry, red-skinned pig with fire burning on top of his head.


Frosthead Pig is a jolly and an all-around happy pig! Like Blaser and Icebomb, the world is not as you expect it to be! He's like Hothead Pig, but he's cold on the outside and warm hearted in the inside. See? Frosthead Pig loves helping anyone near him, and spreads joy to other pigs in his village. He even befriends some birds, but because of King Pig, he may have to keep those relationships a secret. We just hope he doesn't get brain freeze.


  • He and Blaser is based off Cattail's almanac entry in PvZ. Since Cattail says "woof" instead of "meow" and it states "that's not how things work around here", which is true for Blaser and Frosthead Pig.
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