Goggles (Daniel)
Goggle Bird
General Info
Powers Many
First Level Appearance: C.O.M.
Gender: Male
Species: Cardinal
Locations: Chick of Morn and After
Strength: Strong
Size: Smaller Than Red Bird, But Bigger

Than Blue Bird

Goggles Isn't Always Called Goggles. The Birds Call Him Daniel, In Angry Birds Rivals, He Is Referred To as Daniel. And InAngry Birds Extinction, He Is The Only Bird To Escape The Lava Off The Platforms. Evidence For This Is a bomb Bird Screaming "DANIEL, LOOK OUT!" While Daniel Disappeared. Daniel In Revealed As Young in Angry Birds 6, When He Is in the Nest After The war.

Daniel's Story

Daniel was lain on May 18. And Hatched on May 25, but one day, had disappeared. And 11 Bird-years later reappeared on the Beach, Damaged. His Mother Recognised him instantly, and Helped him survive untill he Built the Goggles he wears in the Picture Above. He Later Created a whole new Kind of Bird.

Daniel King

Daniel as King Bird

640px-Daniel Sprites

Goggles's sprite

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