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General Info
Powers Turn pigs a bright gold color, making them melt.
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Male
Species: Golden Egg
Locations: None
Strength: Strong
Size: Medium

Until now, Fire Breathing Bird was the only bird known for getting loads of Golden Eggs.


His power is turning pigs a gold color that melts them. But that's not the only thing. When you use him, a gold ring with another gold ring inside appears. If you launch the bird at the bigger ring, you earn 1 Golden Egg. If you launch him in the smaller one, you get 3 Golden Eggs. If you don't use him in a level, 10,000 points are earned and you get 5 Golden Eggs. He only appears in Golden Eggs and every game he appears in will have an episode called Golden Bird Eggs, meaning a collection of the eggs from the bird.


More stuff coming soon.