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General Info
Powers Swashbuckles away from birds, has LOTS of health, can throw his hat at a bird to hurt them
First Level Appearance: Starboard to Snort 60, Final Boss Level
Gender: Male
Species: Sus Domesticus
Locations: Starboard to Snort
Strength: almost ultimate TJPPI
Size: Fat (Fat with muscles)


He lived on his ship forever and he even challenged Dread Pirate Red 'Stache and won. He is a bad pirate because he just likes to steal be dread and infamous


This boss is super hard to beat. He can hurt and dodge. I recommend useing Special Abilities or Power-ups, or just aiming for the TNT to blow it up. Hope you get lucky and hurt him!


Coming Soon!


  • His image is based off of the Goliath Prisoner Pig
    • In a way, so is his name.
  • He is the commander of the ship, Porktuga
    • However, he is not in the Porktugan league.
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