This strange little bird often stays quiet if not involved in anything, but if he’s on a mission, he speaks with power.


A round bird made of transparent green goo. He has black eyes, and thin, flat pentagons for his headfeather and tailfeather.

Powers and Abilities

  • Changing Consistency - Gooey can change the form of his body to become bouncy or sticky.

Ability In-Game

  • Before Tap - Gooey harmlessly bounces off of objects 5 times before becoming a corpse.
  • After Tap - Gooey becomes sticky and gains a bit more weight, causing him to fall faster. He sticks to any object he touches for 5 seconds or until you tap. This can be useful for pulling a lever, pressing a button, pulling down a lift to reveal a pig, etc.


Gooey is a strange little bird, not very well liked on Bird Island. He has never met the Original Flock, and eventually moved onto an island (to be made later), with his friends, (upcoming character), and (upcoming character). They arrived by boat, and met an elderly bird with a staff, who assumed they were invaders. After a bit of talking, he decided they could stay. They formed Gooey’s flock on the island, and lived in the valley at the center.

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