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Grey Ice Bird
General Info
Powers Launching Grey Ice Jetpacks,that make the enemies blind
First Level Appearance: Theme 1-1 in Angry Birds Colour Andventure
Gender: Male
Species: Exasteral
Locations: Angry Birds Colour Andventure
Strength: Strong
Size: Normal

The Grey Ice Bird is Crystal(Ice Bird) when he was teleported to the world of colors with Terence and Hal in Angry Birds Color Adventure .

Grey Ice Bird

The Grey Ice Bird, before explode

The Power of Grey Ice Bird[]

In this game Crystal receives the power to launch a jet of bright ice and then it explodes in a giant glow that blinds enemies

Grey Ice Bird in the game[]

Crystal has a normal appearance Ice Bird, it only changes color, it changes to gray, when it burst, the brightness does get a little white.