Greeting, birds and pigs alike!

And welcome to Hal's Christmas Puzzle Party!

Hal's Christmas Puzzle Party!
Santa Hal-0
Vital statistics
Participants ExcitedGreenPig6, ComboLuigi2000, SweetSquidTea, and Yoshifan1219
Date 17th December 2018 - Unknown
Location This page.

What is Puzzle Party?

The Puzzle Party is an event held every month. Any wiki users are allowed to play this game, but you MUST ask in the comments first for permission to play. Every event, there is a theme and a special bird. This time around the theme is Christmas and the special bird is Hal.

Let's PLAY!

The Pigs stole the Christmas presents and the birds are calling all wiki users for help!

How to Play:

Every day, there will be a new challenge to beat, and every competitor will try to solve the puzzle. You will try to take down the pigs on the screen in this RPG like game. The goal: try to take out all the pigs with your birds. You have plenty birds to use, and you have to use them in such an order that all pigs are defeated. If you do the puzzle but all pigs aren't defeated or you are defeated (Yes, every few turns pigs have special attacks & skills, making this more fun and challenging. Every puzzle you have a different amount of health), you lose.

Challenge 1

Twas the night before Christmas, and all was quiet. The birds were gathered around outside, playing in the snow and celebrating the joy of Christmas Eve, but more excited for the epic day ahead. It was all splendid. Even brother Blazer and Garretto (with a beakfull of gems) were there. It was an egg-citing occasion!

And as the festives start to rise, a sleigh crashes down in the distance. And why? PIGS!

Hal's Christmas PP -1-0

Challenge 2

Red and Blaser were exploring the crashed sleigh. But inside, they didn't find Santa Claus....they found a clumsy, big-beaked, smiling Hal. But while they were checking out the sleigh and asking Hal for an explanation, they were unaware of the pig's sinister plan...

(Meanwhile at the King Pig Castle)

Cerdan: Yes, my king. I am sure that you have called me for an important thing. A raise, perhaps? Issac Einstinium needs some more beakers-

King Pig: No, those are boring! I need you to stop the birds. They are interfering with my plan.

Cerdan: King Pig, i'm not that into this whole bird-battling biz. The Milkshack is very busy, because pigs are trying our new Sugar Plum Shakes, and i'm on the verge of perfecting my new Peppermint-Pumpkin Shake! Plus, you've tasted eggs before, right?

King Pig: Uhhhhh...(sweats) Yeah, totally.

Cerdan: Also, Corporal Pig could do the job easily.

King Pig: But I want you to do it cuz I feel like it!

Cerdan: King Pig, you are being greedy. Plus, none of them will have eggs inside, and with Hal flying around, we already don't have the sleigh. How will we get the gifts?

King Pig: Nonsense. The minions have shot down the sleigh. Apparently Hal was inside. And in just a few minutes, that bird will be hypnotyzed.

King Pig (in a low whisper): But why was Hal there?

Cerdan: Woah. That's going a bit too far for a battle i'm sure we will lose.

King Pig: You know, I have a hypno guy nearby. I'll go get it...

Cerdan: Okay, okay, okay, i'll do it. But only if you give me a raise!

King Pig: Fine, i'll give you an extra 5 egg coins for every hour of hard labor-

Cerdan: No need to finish! It's a done deal. (nodds his head)

King Pig: Now leave, I have to make a call. Excuse me, what is it?

???: Birds reported at the sleigh's crash landing zone.

King Pig: Perfect. Capture them.

Note from Combo: It says you get 3 reds, but in the picture, you get 2 reds...

Hal's Christmas PP -2-0

Battle Info: Make sure to check the scrapbook for damage info.


Red: Does N damage to a pig. You get x3 Reds.

Blaser: Do N damage to all pigs. You get x1 Blaser.

P.S. Challenge 2 is basically a trial for dealing with leveled up birds and health. Tommorow, Hal will be here.


Candycaner: When defeated, deals 5 damage to all pigs. Has 10 Health.

Elf Pig: Deals 2 damage per 2 turns. Has 12 Health.

Health This Puzzle: 4

Scrapbook of Birds and Pigs

Red: Does 5 damage to a pig.

Bird Cerdan



Red Level 2 + 1 Damage (6) Level 1(5) Level 2 +1 Damage (6) Level 2 +1 Damage (6)

Blaser: Do 5 damage to all pigs.

Bird Cerdan Yoshifan CL2000 SSTea
Blazer Level 2 +1 Damage (6) Level 1 (5) Level 2 + 1 Damage (6) Level 2 +1 Damage (6)


Candycaner: When defeated, deals 5 damage to all pigs.


These are the rules that must be followed or else you will be banned from the game. First off...


This includes: Explaining how to win to other users, going on people's message walls and spoiling answers, giving ANY sort of hint to players, editing this page, etc.

2: Play fairly and BE HONEST WITH ANSWERS, NO LIES (this ties in with rule 1).

3. If you lose, don't overreact.

4. Put answers in the comments section only.

5. Only answer "I'VE GOT THE ANSWER!" in the comments if you have the answer.

6. You can only use birds and trigger actions allowed in the puzzle.



  • Challenge 1: Blaser (Attack random pig) + Red (Attack random pig) + candycaner dies with one red to spare.


  • Challenge 1: Red (Attack first Candycaner) + Blaser (Attack any Candycaner) = (Candycaner dies, wiping off Candycaners and a remaining Red)
  • Challenge 2: Blaser (Attack any Pig) + Red (Attack Candy caner) + Surrender turn to pigs + Red (Attack any elf pig) + Surrender turn to pigs + Red (Attack final pig)



  • Challenge 1: Blaser (attack a pig), Red (finishes the pig killing the remaining pig)

DavetheFave11 (Host)

Fanon Birds & Pigs

Some people's fanon birds and pigs will be added in the event to fight (pigs) or use (birds) in the puzzles.


Blaser (ComboLuigi2000)

Garretto (ComboLuigi2000)



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