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Quotation1 No more goofing around! It's time to get serious! Quotation2
— Hal

Hal is the sixth member to join and become a core member of the Flock. He was originally captured by the pigs and set free by the birds and joined the flock shortly after. He and Terence were the only ones that were able to stop King Pig after he captured the Birds and their Eggs.



Hal has a huge, orange beak (being the only bird in Red's flock with a beak color other than yellow). He has three top black feathers, like Matilda, and three spiky black feathers on his back (Like Chuck). He has two eyes on either side of his beak with medium-sized eyebrows and pure white chest feathers. In his earlier cartoon appearance he gains three black thick brows in each side, green eyes, his huge beak are dark yellow and orange and his feathers are medium green.


Hal has a unique personality, most times he's understanding and sociable, Hal makes his voice heard but is also a great listener. He is very mature and has a deep love for the pleasures in life, as when he is found he is usually with his banjo or camping. Though if provoked or if he finds out the eggs have been taken, he will completely snap and be the opposite of his main personality, Being very furious and seeking revenge. Oddly though, he is a very great tactician and is calm when he is next onto the Slingshot. He often helps Red with most of their attack plans.


Little is known about Hal's history before he met The Flock. When first seen, Hal was a prisoner of the Bad Piggies until The Flock freed him. It is unknown how he was kidnapped by the pigs.

After this freedom, he turned up in the Summer Pignic Short Movie with any luck that he'll get in. However, Red denied access when he tilted the slingshot, thereby making Matilda fly in the wrong direction. Despite this clumsy start, Hal managed to prove himself when all other flock members failed by launching himself from the slingshot, and using his boomerang ability, grab the eggs and knock out the structure's support system, causing to fall down and defeating King Pig. With that, he was granted 3 stars and membership in the flock.

In the course of the battles with the Pigs, he has traveled to many different locations and environments, including the desert, underground caves, and beaches. The Pigs never rest in their quest to steal eggs and the Flock often has to retrieve their eggs on holidays and special occasions. In one instance, the Pigs captured the entire Flock, including Hal, making it the second time he was captured by Pigs. Then Terence came and freed him and stopped the King Pig.

During the events of Angry Birds Space, Hal was away with Matilida, Bubbles, and Stella dealing with other matters. After they had all returned, Hal met Ice and became fast friends.

In Angry Birds Rio, At an indeterminate time later, the Flock was captured as rare birds and taken to Rio de Janeiro where they fought with Blu and Jewel and their friends against Nigel and Mauro and his marmosets. Hal did not appear originally in Rio but arrived much later after the others, so it is possible he was not kidnapped originally and made his way to Rio to help rescue The Flock.


Hal flies much differently than the other species. When he launches, he's constantly spinning. This spinning plays into its special ability to change its course in midair to return to his point of origin. When ready, Hal will open his large beak wide, making it act like a boomerang and causing it to turn around and start flying back to his point of origin. This ability to fly backward allows him to strike areas that the other birds can't reach. Note, The longer he waits to use his ability, the lower the hit will be.



In the Summer Picnic Animation, Red extremely dislikes Hal at first, not trusting him enough to use the Slingshot. They neglect him, thinking he will only be a burden. Red pushes him away after he messes up Matilda's shot. However, after Hal saves the eggs, Red is extremely grateful and accepts him as a part of the flock. Throughout the Angry Birds Mini-Comics, Red and Hal are shown to be good friends and Hal is cheery and optimistic towards Red.

The Blues

The Blues like Hal, and enjoy being with him. They use him in multiple ways, such as a canoe, an umbrella, etc.

They prefer being with him over Red, which causes him to be confused and jealous.


Bubbles is Hal's Close friend. The two are together very often having a good time.


Reece is Hal's best friend. The two often visit each other or help one another out if needed. Hal has been considered the most reliable to the Unique Flock and always enjoy his company.


  • Hal, Bubbles, and Ice are the only birds who first appeared kidnapped by the pigs, although Bubbles was unintentionally kidnapped.
  • Hal and Blu and Jewel are also the only birds to rotate when fired from the slingshot.
  • Hal is the only bird to be rescued twice.
  • Hal is the first bird to be known to play an instrument.
  • Hal is Yoshi's favorite character in the entire Angry Birds Franchise.
  • Hal's personality is slightly different compared to his mainstream counterpart in that he is less goofy and more intelligent. However, he can still be clumsy at times.
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