Hank Mosura is a bird that made his debut in Angry Birds: A Silver Lining. He throws a rock at the area tapped, causing large amounts of damage.


Hank is a pigeon with a dark yellow beak, a white stripe on that beak, with dark gray feathers with a light brown underbelly.


Hank is a very funny bird. He likes to joke a lot, especially with his best friend Henry. He loves to know things, and talk about them with his friends. He is very outgoing and says things without thinking about it deeply.


Hank was born a year before Henry was born, making him 14 when everyone else is 15, although he is only a month behind Henry's birthdate. He grew up in a loving family who cared for him and Henry when Henry's parents disappeared.

The Bird-Loyalist War 

Shortly after Henry's 15th birthday, Hank finds himself going on an adventure to find a Wayfinder, because Henry said he heard his dad's voice say to. Hank and the rest of the flock are later betrayed by Dave and are captured by him. He is made watch the destruction of Piggy Island.


Henry Pele-Kann

Henry is his best friend and the person he grew up with. Henry and Hank know each others' deepest secrets, although not all of them.

Becky Lollipopp 

Becky and Hank aren't best friends, but do get along well. Hank can annoyed at her idiotic thoughts at times, but they get along fine. Its just how Henry acts around her that he wonders about.

Sarah Featherson 

Hank and Sarah seem like they do not like each other that much, as they do get into arguments often, but both Sarah and Hank seem to enjoy that without letting each other know.

Special Attack

Like the others, Hank also has a special attack where he throws several rocks in a 360 circle.



  • Hank's last name, Mosura, is a reference to Mothra's Genus in the MonsterVerse, Mosura.
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