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Heat Wave
Heat Wave.png
General Info
Release Date: June 21,2013
Levels: 30
Episode Number: Not Numbered
Previous Episode: Non-sequential
Next Episode: Non-sequential
Game(s): Angry Birds Space 3
Angry Birds Space 4

Heat Wave is an episode in Angry Birds Space 3 and Angry Birds Space 4. It is obtained in an in-app purchase. In HW - 30, you battle the Space King, holding an eggstroid.


  • If you look on the planet, you might see Ice Bird on it.


Opening Cutscene

The birds see Powerbomb Bird get captured and Lazer Bird's cape getting stolen by the King Pig and his evil minions.

The opening cutscene for Heat Wave.

Ending Cutscene

The birds defeat the pigs and get back the eggstroid and lazer bird's cape.

The ending cutscene for Heat Wave.