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Heat Wave
Heat Wave
General Info
Release Date: June 21,2013
Levels: 30
Episode Number: Not Numbered
Previous Episode: Non-sequential
Next Episode: Non-sequential
Game(s): Angry Birds Space 3
Angry Birds Space 4

Heat Wave is an episode in Angry Birds Space 3 and Angry Birds Space 4. It is obtained in an in-app purchase. In HW - 30, you battle the Space King, holding an eggstroid.


  • If you look on the planet, you might see Ice Bird on it.


Opening Cutscene[]

The birds see Powerbomb Bird get captured and Lazer Bird's cape getting stolen by the King Pig and his evil minions.


The opening cutscene for Heat Wave.

Ending Cutscene[]

The birds defeat the pigs and get back the eggstroid and lazer bird's cape.


The ending cutscene for Heat Wave.