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Hog City is a city in Piggy Island. It is where some pigs live.

Basic Info[]

  • This city is founded at 1750.
  • The pig who found this is Piggy Porka which is a great adventurer.
  • This city is not too much seen by the birds.
  • This city is very far from the Pig City.
  • This is the second city at the island.

Tourist Spots[]

Piggy Porka's House[]

In this place many pigs in the city go into. There are epig lights and very old pigtures in the house. Also this house is protected during the PVB Fight during 1957.

The Frozen Tree Park[]

In this place the pigs go inside the park without any jackets! Inside the park , there are many frozen trees and a snow hill! This place is created by an Arctic Pig that lives in the Hog City.

Porky Cave[]

In this cave many wild boars are living. It is very cold inside. A pig will give you Boar Fur Coat before you can get in.


Porka Village[]

This village is named from the pig who found this city. This village has 10 streets and 2 highways.

Other Stuff In this city[]

Nuclear Block Factory[]

This place is where many nuclear blocks are created. It is owned by Pork Jr. It is located nearby the Flaming River.

The Flaming River[]

This place was known as the volcano river but changed into Flaming River by Prince Porky at 2014. This river has flame because of a flamefall nearby a river. It has also a small bridge on it. It is not too much popular because it is hidden in the Black Village.

Bad Piggy 9000's House[]

This is where Bad Piggy 9000 live. It is full of stuff inside.

Piggy Headquarters[]

It is where green pigs train to be soldiers. It is located at the Porka Village.

The Trainings for fighting here are:

  • Block Creator - Practice for 1 month
  • Soldier - Practice for 2 years
  • Guard - Practice for 1 week

The Trainings here are:

  • How to capture boars
  • How to beat birds easily
  • How to steal the eggs

Giant Trap[]

It is the trap made by the pigs. This is made so the birds will not get trough their second city.

King Pig's Second Castle[]

This is where King Pig's Second Castle is hidden. It is at the back of the Giant Trap.

To get through the top you need to pass :

The Red Button[]

This is the button in front of the trap. When a bird stepped on it 12 giant rock will fall down in the sky.

The Giant Trap[]

A really big trap no one can go out inside it

The 2 Trap Trees[]

These trees gets birds and throws them at the Giant Trap.

Nets and Pigs Falling From The Sky[]

When you get pass the first tree obstacles, nets and pigs will fall at the sky and they will throw you at the giant trap.

The Giant Wall[]

This wall is invincible. No one can destroy it. The Secret there is : there is an underground path.

Underground Path[]

In this path you will encounter 10 Brute Pigs, 10 Minions and a giant invincible wall.

Underground Hole[]

You will go here to get to the next underground path. This time mouse traps are in the way.

Underground Tunnel[]

You will encounter nothing here. but when you got out of the underground you will encounter some stuff.


A net will capture a bird.

Lawn Mowers[]

When you got out of the net lawnmowers will attack you.


You will encounter some guards protecting the door.