Honeycomb Waterfall is the 21st episode in Angry Birds Food Bash.
Honeycomb Waterfall
General Info
Release Date: 5 months and 3 days after Deep Fried Volcano
Levels: 30
Episode Number: 21
Previous Episode: Deep Fried Volcano
Next Episode: Caramel Bayou
Game(s): Angry Birds Food Bash!


the Flock defeated the pigs and knocked them into the stream of Honey, the pigs drift away extremely slowly (because of the honey), so red kicks them to the end of the stream and land in a pool of honey and sink extremely slowly as well. The flock find them and attack.

New Features

  • Honey Physics, Like Water Physics, but the outcome will depend on the weight of the bird you use…
    • Less than the weight of Red, bounce straight off.
    • 1-2.5 the weight of Red, stick to the surface of the body of honey.
    • More than 2.5 times the weight of Red, sink to the bottom of the honey body.
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