Imperial Pigs

Imperial Pigs is a evil group of pigs who try to steal the Angry Rebels eggs.

Members of the Imperial Pigs

Grand Moff Porkin- Is the weakest of all Imperial Pigs and is common in all levels from 1-2-1.

Tusk-en-raider- Same as Grand Moff Porkin except only found in epsisode 1 only.

Swine Trooper- These are the army of Lard Vader and are really common througthout the game, but are not featured in episode 1 theme 1.

Jabba The Hogg- Is a crime lord in Angry Rebels and seen only once as a boss in 5-1-19.

Boarba Fett- Bounty Hunter for Jabba The Hogg and once again only apears as a boss in 5-1-18.

Lard Vader- Leader of the Imperial Pigs until the reaturn of Emperor Crackaline. Lard Vader apears in 2-2-15, 3-3-18 and 5-5-19.

Emperor Crackaline- Surpreme leader of the whole Imperial Pigs, only apears in 5-5-18, 5-5-19.

Emperor Crackaline

Defeat of the Imperial Pigs

In the episode Return of the Birds the Imperial Pigs is finally defeated. At the end of 5-5-19 Angry Luke (now a bird jedi) is weakend Emperor Crackaline is about to finish of Angry Luke, Lard Vader the attacks Emperor Crackaline and killing him. Lard Vader then dies due to his attack....the galaxy is saved. Oh yer Angry Han and Leia get married.

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