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Indigo Bird
General Info
Powers Turn into a aura and fires Indigo Blast, making the pigs turn into blue flames
First Level Appearance: Angry Indigo:TWOTSP - New Team Practice 1-1
Gender: Male
Species: Bluebird
Locations: Many
Strength: Weak (When Normal), Strong (When Ablity is used)
Size: Normal

Indigo Bird (A.K.A Flame Bird) is a bird that is darker then the Blue Bird but lighter then the Purple Bird. His power is to peform indigo blast that can turn pigs into flames.


Early Life[]

Little more about Indigo Bird's Life is before the events of Angry Indigo. He lived in Rainbow Land like his team. He is the second bird in his team that born (First being Sliver Bird.) He hatched from the eggs. Later, when Slam Bird was born, Sliver Bird made a class and tell them to defeat the hardest pig made out of magent. The two birds kept on practicing and finally, they can defeat hardest pigs.

Angry Indigo[]



  • He is the main leader in the Angry Indigo Series
  • This Picture has good shading.
  • His action has a blue aura on him.
  • His Color changes from Light Blue to Indigo in his timeline.
  • It is unknown what is the name of his evil brother.



Pull Back Noise: Ka-ch!

Launch Noise: Woo He!

Ablity: Ka-Caw!

Pain Noises- Ow!, Whack!