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Irate Mynas is the second version of Angry Birds. It also has a special edition for Thanksgiving.


The Angry Birds may have taken the eggs back, but the pigs are still hungry. Sooner or later, they find another pack of birds worshipping their own eggs. They manage to steal the eggs without notice, but these birds will not sob and watch the greedy pigs feast on their eggs. They want revenge.


The setting of this game is in a desert.


This game will be online and on the iPhone/iPod in late 2012.


Brown Bird

Indigo Bird

Pink Bird

Sea Bird

Tan Bird

Olive Bird

Cianna Bird (Only in Irate Mynas: Thanksgiving)

Ash Bird (Only in Irate Mynas: Thanksgiving)

The Burly Turkey (Only in Irate Mynas: Thanksgiving)

Brown Bird[]

The Brown Bird flies very slowly and when his special power is activated, it can shoot darts out of it's muzzle.

Indigo Bird[]

The Indigo Bird flies like any other bird but when she is clicked, she can shine light from her body.

Pink Bird[]

The Pink Bird flies a little lower than your aim but using it's unique ability, the pigs will get distracted in a trance of love and the Pink Bird will hit the pigs in their daze.

Sea Bird[]

The Sea Bird will fly normally but if you click on it, it will drop a gallon of ice cold water that will freeze the pigs. After the ice cracks, the pigs will either sacrifice or get a black eye.

Tan Bird[]

The Tan Bird will fly a little fast but make a super-sonic screech and the soundwave will damage the pigs.

Olive Bird[]

The Olive Bird can act like the white bird but instead drop rotten/ poisenous olives on the pigs.

Sianna Bird[]

The Sianna Bird can hit the pigs and have a little extra time on the objects to heat up and fry the pigs. It is only in "Irate Mynas: Thanksgiving"

Ash Bird[]

The Ash Bird flies normally but when clicked, it drops down low with it's bottom spraying fire fire and burns the pigs. It is only in "Irate Mynas: Thanksgiving"

The Burly Turkey[]

The Burly Turkey is basically the exact same as "The Mighty Eagle". You have to launch a piece of corn for it to swoop down and kill all of the pigs. It is free to use and it can only be used in "Irate Mynas: Thanksgiving".


The pigs are all the same as Angry Birds.