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Irate Mynas: Thanksgiving is the second version of Irate Mynas. It has all the same birds as Irate Mynas except for the Cianna Bird and the Ash Bird.


The Irate Mynas thought that they had retrieved the eggs, until they realized what was wrong: there was a price tag on each one and on the back it said: "Made in China". It was in November, and even though they had to be thankful for the decoys, they were not thankful for the fact that the pigs had tricked them. It was Thanksgiving and they had to take the pigs down.


The setting of this game is in the desert, as well as Irate Mynas is.


The pigs are all the same except for the same pigs with pilgrim hats.


This game releases the identical to the Mighty Eagle. It is called "The Burly Turkey".

The only level in this game is called "Eggsgiving". It contains 10 pages of 20 levels.