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Isle Cirrocumulus is an isle that first appears in Angry Birds Stella: Former Order, but also appears in Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier. It is the main island that the Birds fight on in the latter game.


The island is made up of a large range of biomes. The isle has a volcano as well as jungles and forests.


The isle was colonized by the Cirrocumulus 30 years before Angry Birds: Bubbles. The Cirrocumulus were very peaceful and stayed in the shadows for 30 years,until the Former Order began using it as a base of operations. They scheduled a meeting with Gale to deliever materials, but Stella showed up instead and started a fight on the island causing the Former Order to leave the island. It remained somewhat calm until King Cumulus made an alliance with King Smoothcheeks. The Pigs and the Cirrocumulus both stole the eggs, Diamond Turtle, and Golden Egg and brought it to Isle Cirrocumulus.

The Mossy Ruins or the Mossy Pillars are large ruins located in the south of the isle. They are ruins from the Cows, after they went into hiding. The Mossy Ruins were used as a temporary outpost for keeping the eggs.

The Pig Ruins or the Ruins of the Fleet are ruins of the Decipiger and its' company. After Bubbles' Flock took down the large spacecraft that split the island in two, the Cirrocumulus decided to take revenge on the Birds for destroying hundreds of homes located on the isle.

The Cloudy Mountains or the Mountain in the Sky is a large mountain range located near the active volcano. These mountains are very expansive and tall. Many planes have crashed into the mountains in the night, earning the name, Plane Killer.

The Wooden Bamboo Forests are large bamboo forests made of wood. These forests are outposts for Pigs.

The Great Clay Canyons were used as a temporary resting place of the eggs and were outposts for Pigs and Cirrocumulus. These canyons attract Pig tourists every year.