Japan Ninja Attack
Japan Entre
General Info
Release Date: September 19, 2016 (Lvl 1 to 9)

September 22, 2016 (complete)

Levels: 30, (16 before September 22)
Episode Number: 18
Previous Episode: Polar Birds
Next Episode: Sahara Dessert
Game(s): Angry Birds: World

This episode is from the new series Angry Birds: World, it is the eighteenth one and the featured location is Mt. Everest, the main caves and the boss level is the top of the mountain. This episode is from "Angry Bird: World"'s Second Season: Asia.


When in Japan, they meet Sensei Bird and he teaches the birds to be ninjas and warriors.

In level 9, the birds are ready to retrieve the eggs, the Sensei advices he will help them in they long journey.

Playable Characters

  • Red Bird (as a Ninja can use a katana)
  • Yellow Bird (as a Ninja will boost red flames)
  • Black Bird (as a Ninja will explode in fire)
  • Terence (as a Ninja will grow up and attack with a sword)
  • Boomerang Bird (as a Ninja will use a Shuriken)
  • The One Egg (as a Ninja will open a portal and suck the birds)
  • The Mightly Eagle (same as Mightly Eagle)
  • Blue Birds (as a Ninja will split into other 5 ninjas)
  • Water Bird (as a Ninja can use a Water Hammer)
  • Orange Bird (as a Ninja will inflate as usual)
  • Rain Bird (as a Ninja the rain will be a storm)
  • Stella the Pink Bird (as a Ninja can use a lace)
  • Ice Bird (as a Ninja can use an Ice Shuriken that all it touches turns into ice)
  • Fire Bird (as a Ninja can use a Fire Nunchaku)
  • Sensei Bird (Playable after 18-9, will disappear in smoke and all that was near him will disappear too)


  • Sensei is introduced in this level
  • The Boss is the Dragon Pig
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