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Johnny Pigdestroyer


Angry Birds,Freckled,King Pig,Master Pig


King Pig(formerly),Master Pig (formerly)

Portrayed by

Damien Tran

First Appearance

The Angry Birds (2019)

Johnathan "Johnny" Markus Pigdestroyer (also known as Elite and President Pigdestroyer and formerly named Johnny Asterdam) is a human character,Leader of the Angry Birds Bad Piggies Elite Slingshot Strike Force (A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F),and the main protaginist in The Angry Birds franchise

Role as Johnny Asterdam

Johnny Asterdam is a student at the H.S.T.W.N.B.M (High School that will never be mentioned). After he graduated,he attends the C.T.W.N.B.M (College that will never be mentioned). One day,Johnny died in the explosion at the C.T.W.N.B.M after he pours a chemical explosion liquid into a radioactive death liquid from beaker to another beaker. He is taken to the E.F.T.N.B.M (Elite Force that will never be mentioned)

Role as Elite

When Johnny Asterdam got fixed up,the scientists removed his regular skeleton and put a Terminator endoskeleton on him and give him new clothes. After,he decides to go onto the name,Elite. Elite is now an indestructible killing machine who can kill enemies easily. He also joined the Marines,U.S Army,and a lot of military forces. After he graudated from the E.F.T.N.B.M,he lives at the Sheraton Universal at Universal Studios Hollywood. He meets the Angry Birds and team up with him to stop the Bad Piggies. He also attacks the pigs in Las Redgas.

Changing last name from Asterdam to Pigdestroyer

At the end of The Angry Birds Into Darkness,his name is revealed changing from Johnny Asterdam into Johnny Pigdestroyer. Johnny has also become President of the Angry Birds at the Angry Birds House,a White House-like mansion.

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