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1:The Plan[]

King Pig: I wish that I could steal them eggs.

Freckled Pig: Sir,I've got an idea.

King Pig: Spit it out!

Mechanic Pig: I can help with what you're making.

Freckled Pig:A plane.

Mechanic Pig: What do you need for it?

King Pig:Fireworks.

Freckled Pig:Coke bottles.

Mechanic Pig: Wooden or stronger sutff.

King Pig:Stronger sutff.

Mechanic Pig: Ha ha,this will go down a treat.

King Pig:Good work!

2:The Chase[]

Red Bird: Morning,Black Bird!

Ice Bird: Look,the Blue Birds are being birdnapped!

White Bird: With two eggs!

Red Bird: Ice Bird,fire!

Ice Bird:I'm on it!

King Pig: Freckled Pig,fire the fireworks!

Freckled Pig: Yay!

White Bird: Ice Bird is going the wrong way!

Red Bird:White Bird,work your magic!

Mechanic Pig: Ahh!

King Pig: One Pig down.

Red Bird: Its going down the hole.

3:One Step To The Eggs[]

Blue Bird 1: Help us!

King Pig: Oh no, another pig down.

Red Bird: Give back my friends!

King Pig:No.

Blue Bird 2: The fan has gone.

King Pig:Don't be silly.

Red Bird: Its true.

King Pig: Oh dear,I'm jumping off!

Blue Bird 1:Thanks,Red Bird!

Red Bird:No thank you.

Blue Bird 3:Ice Bird and Black Bird have made a zip wire to help us get up.

Red Bird: Great!

Blue Bird 2: Blue Bird 1,grab the eggs.

Red Bird:Thanks guys!

Ice Bird:King Pig has grabbed the end of the wire.

Blue Bird 3: Help us,Ice Bird!

Ice Bird:I'm on it!