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Quotation1 I soar most of the time because flapping exerts too much energy Quotation2
— Kaz

Kaz is a member of The West Side Flock. His many enemy is Freddy Beesechurger, and has had some tension between himself and the government.


Kaz was originally born into a poor family in the West Side of town. He went to a pig school, and was bullied a lot by the East Side rich pigs. His dad died in 2nd grade, and he was pulled from the school. His mom was arrested for whatever reason when he was 9, and died in prison.

Meanwhile, Kaz journeyed out into the streets. First looking for a job, but child labor laws prevented this from happening. Sometimes he'd sit at a street corner and ask for money, but he was bird, and was naturally denied. He eventually couldn't take it, and tried to leave. That's when he met Seamus 5 days after his uncelebrated 10th birthday.

He saw Seamus, with a lot of food after stealing from Freddy's joint. He started to tear up. He didn't want to revert to crime. He didn't want any of this. He started to sob. His parents were dead, and he had nothing to do. The thoughts made him so sad. He cried. And cried. Seamus walked over to him. Seamus will say he doesn't remember the exact events that went down, or even that HE was the one who discovered Kaz, not the other way around. It was muddy for him too.

"Hey," He said in a soft tone. He rubbed a wing down Kaz's back. "It's alright, buddy!" He said it in the tone as if he were comforting a crying baby. That was exactly how Kaz felt. "Here, have some of my sandwich.." He ripped of half of his footlong loaf. He gave Kaz the napkin. "You can eat it. It'll clog up your mouth which will cause you to cry less, making you less sad. Trust me, it's good. The Beesechurgers make a mean footlong!" he said.

Kaz reluctantly ate it. Sure, it paused his crying, but he was still sad. He was eating stolen food. How? Why? He knew his parents would never want this. That just made everything worse. He spat out his bite and went right back to bawling like a 2-year-old.

"Oh...I see that you're really sad...Can I ask why?" Seamus asked. He really meant it. Kaz could tell by the tone of voice that he was no criminal. He was in just as bad a spot he was. And he was kind...not a felon or a psychopath. He had that warmth to him. The warmth reminded Kaz of his mother. He started to wail again. "Wow...I don't know what to do, what's your name?"

Kaz looked up. His eyes were clouded with tears and he only saw blurs in Seamus' place. "K-Kazakana" he stammered. His throught caught at the end.

"Kazakana, eh? Your new name is Kaz. I see you're really sad." He said. He was nice. Kaz knew. That day, they united and became friends. They would steal and raid together, live street life together.

Freddy Beesechurger has entered the chat

When they turned 13, Freddy's shop closed down, and he decided that his spatula-smoking self would get revenge. So, when Seamus and Kaz were raiding a nearby store, they were intercepted by Freddy Beesechurger and a few other pigs, who would become a gang later on. They got beat up really badly, and one pig (Oakley) cut a scar in his face that exists to this day.

For a long time, this stress was added to their experience. Eventually Freddy and his gang ran out of money and no one would hire them because they smoked and got into lots of trouble, so they reverted to methods that Kaz and Seamus used. They became gang members

Kicking them into the army

That's right. Freddy and his gang were kicked into an army. Because one fight took it too far. Freddy almost fully beat them up. He took their food and their stuff (blanket and coat). One of his gang, named Vanil, was about to kill them in order to get them out of the way. Seamus threw him back and was ready to murder him as well...then Vanil got arrested for attempted murder and Kaz and Seamus went on the run, with the cops right behind their tail.

Since Freddy and the rest of the gang were involved in this, their punishment was to get drafted into the army. They trained in the military all the while. However, Kaz and Seamus' raiding and attempted murder and harm was overexaggerated by Fredy and his gang, and they were sent out as the Spy Squad to assasinate the birds, because these crimes were punishable by death.

Joing the Flock

One day, when they were 15, another gang of birds met up with them in the woods where they'd been hiding. They explained themselves. The new flock told them they were caught up with a lot of theft. Lots of the pigs stole from them and they had to get their stuff back. Stuff as intense as eggs or slingshots were stolen.

They united, therefore being added to the West Side Flock. This brought consequences. This meant that Freddy's gang had more targets and more people were involved in the conflict. Freddy also had government back-up. The birds were known as notorious problems for stealing and popping of pigs. Another war of pig vs. bird had begun.

However, they had more safety within the flock. Seamus discovered his powers one time and was willing to equip them during battle. He eventually figured out how to live more on his own. Over the 5 years they were together, Seamus almost depended on Kaz and Kaz almost always depended on him. They knew teamwork, but they needed to practice working alone in case the flock is broken up.

Copied from Seamus

The Mission appointing

When he turned 16, Kaz was very well revered. He was elected to go on pig-spying missions and pig-attacking missions with Dean and (occasionally) Mouser. They would journey far and wide for this. It made Kaz feel proud, but it seperated him from his best friend Seamus, and they were further than they were out on the streets.


He's a hawk with a brown, feathery head and a lighter brown body. He has blue eyes and a red tail. He lacks head feathers and has a scar on his face due to a fight he had when he was a kid. His beak is yellow.


He's laid-back and kind of soft. His breakaway from street life seems to have had the complete opposite of Seamus, because he's very good at communicating with people and can control his emotions well. He tries to be friends with lots of people, and nice to them because he doesn't want them to be like a street gang member, he's had too much expierience with that


  • Seamus - His best friend. They have lived together since they were 10 and have always gotten along. They have rarely had conflicts. They have arguments now that they're in the flock, however
  • Gregory - He feels indebted to Gregory, because he rescued them from their tough street life, and have been able to take care of him. He thinks of the flock founder as sort of a king while he is the servant-master. He'll never say it though. He doesn't want people thinking he isn't straight.
  • Tsunam - They sleep in the same tree, so naturally they are good friends. They have late-night card game sessions with Seamus and when he's not around, they like to fight and train
  • McKayla - No real relationship, just very neutral
  • Danny - He tries to comfort him when he's not feeling good, and Kaz is very good about it. They don't really have a friendship, but Kaz tries to help out when it's possible
  • Mouser- No real relationship. Similar to with McKayla
  • Dean - Unless assigned a solo mission, Dean and Kaz travel a lot together during missions. They joke around a bit, but don't socialize too much. Dean takes fighting and missions very seriously
  • Rocky - He is very neutral about Rocky.
  • Freddy Beesechurger- His sworn enemy
  • Vanil- Deep despisition for him. They've had serious encounters on a number of occasions, all unpleasent
  • Corporal Swineface - Doesn't like him. Sets up the city against the West Side Flock, shoving propoganda up the civillian's snouts. He's essentially a bad guy.


Probably won't be much here for a while


  • He was originally an eagle, but I didn't want him to be confused with Mighty Eagle, so he changed very early on
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