King Pig's Kids are the deceased original children of King Pig and were replaced by Prince Pig in Angry Birds Galaxy. They only had two appearances; Angry Birds 2: Birds Vs. Pigs and Angry Birds World.
King Pig's Kids
General Info
Powers Using magic wands
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds vs. Pigs
Gender: 2/3 male, 1/3 female
Species: Pig
Locations: Piggy Island (formerly), the afterlife (currently)
Strength: Any
Size: Vary

King Pig's Kids


Gweelok is the oldest and smartest.


Huie is the smallest, second oldest, and most immature.


Festro is the strongest and third oldest and he wears sunglasses.


Fart is the tallest, most insane, wears glasses and is the fourth oldest.


Ramona is one of the three females and middle child. Ramona is the girly girl of the bunch.


Dingle is the fourth youngest and fattest.


Bromanor is one of the three females. She is the tomboy of the trio and is the third youngest


Izzie is the goth of the female trio and the second youngest.


Slog is the youngest of King Pig's Kids and is the fastest.

Fight Orders

Angry Birds 2: Birds Vs. Pigs

  1. Slog
  2. Izzie
  3. Bromanor
  4. Dingle
  5. Ramona
  6. Fart
  7. Festro
  8. Clive
  9. Gweelok

Angry Birds World

  1. Ramona
  2. Izzie
  3. Clive
  4. Dingle
  5. Gweelok
  6. Fart
  7. Festro
  8. Bromanor
  9. Slog


  • They are named after characters from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.
  • Their fight order in Angry Birds 2: Birds Vs. Pigs was their reverse birth order.
  • Ramona is the first female boss in the series.
  • Slog was the one who died last and he was the youngest. Kinda makes sence.
  • Bromanor has the same name as a major villain in the series.
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