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Something 40 Joke Article
This article is intended to be a joke, to make fun of Supermassive Pig. Please do not take it too seriously/literally.
Something 40
King supermassive pig

size compared with the original supermassive pig

king supermassive pig is the king of all the supermassive pig. he is no bigger than 9000 Year Old Ultra Mega Gigantic Ultramassive Giga Monster Pig

fun facts[]

  • health : 10000000000000000000
  • attack 1 : smash ! , smashs a bird making it lose 100000000 health
  • attack 2 : defense , defends being attacked by a bird with a damage that's higher than [[1]]
  • attack 3 : revival , revives ghost supermassive pigs


  • he is 150x bigger than supermassive pig
  • he is impossible to beat