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Knight Bird

Knight Bird, sometimes called Sword Bird, is a bird with a knight helmet and a sword. He first appeared in the YouTube video (This is fake) Angry Birds: Medival Days Trailer. His Powers is (Only works when near a pig) when clicked, he starts slicing his sword like wild, and then shoots fire out of his mouth, Thus making the pig into bacon, which can be used to make another Knight Bird. He also has a pet dragon, who he befriended.


He is purple with a gold helmet with a red feather. His bottom beak is the same length as the top beak. He also has a sword (The thing that looks like a dagger.) that was crafted out of silver.

Pig after its bacon

Bacon pig.


  • He turns bright red when about to shoot fire.
  • It is unknown how he started shooting fire out his mouth. Probably by eating 10 ghost chilis a day.
  • He was the first bird to befriend a dragon.