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Konnôr Flacktingsberd
Flacktingsberd (1)
President of Rohoveyan
Years in Office
January 3 2017--
Vice Leader Slank Pigestroppë
Predecessor Gormon Su'ulutat
Successor Incumbent
Lifespan June 6, 1980 (39 years)
Place of Birth Woods, Manswright, Rohoveyan
Party N/A
Species Pig
Konnôr Flacktingsberd was one of the youngest Rohoveyanic leaders ever elected as president. Since then, he has stood for the deletion of tension between Pigs and Birds, and has visited Piggy Island many times in attempts to bring peace.

Quotation1 We must not fight by fighting, but we still must fight Quotation2
— Konnôr Flacktingsberd's famous statement at the Kurchsburg Conference in New Uket.

Konnôr Orlkashë Flacktingsberd (born Konrad Flachtinksberd) is a lawyer from Woods, Manswright who has been the president of Rohoveyan since January 3, 2017. He was governor of Manswright, and a senator of Manswright before becoming president. He is overall considered a good lawyer and a rational bird who has campaigned constantly against bird/pig conflicts. His attention toward the hotspots in Piggy Island and New Uket has caused some anger amongst the Rohoveyanic peoples, and his April 2020 presidential ratings have gone down substantially compared to his public view from 2017 and 2018.


The name "Flacktingsberd" was an unofficial adoption of the name "Flachtinksberd," which was his family name. The name "Flacktingsberd" was officially changed in September 6, 2014, when he ran for governor of Manswright a 2nd time. The name change was in order to not associate himself with his uncle Hans Flachtinksberd, who was a criminal he stood lawyer for in a case earlier that same year. He wanted the spelling changed before his uncle's name became more widely known.

The Flachtinksberds date back to around the 1100's, beginning with a peasant immigrating to Snouter, whose name was Flachtinksberd. Since then, descendants have kept the name, and Konnôr was the first to ever change it, given the immigrating peasant never changed their name.

Since then, the Flachtinksberds were just an average family, average income, average jobs. In 1916, Lukas and Anne Flachtinksberd moved to Markham, Rohoveyan before their grandson (and his wife) moved to Woods in 1971.

Notable Relatives

  • Hans Flachtinksberd (Uncle)--[Born March 16, 1958, died January 11, 2019] - Convicted felon that Flacktingsberd stood as lawyer against. He was involved in an illegal arms theft and smuggling cartel for many years to gain money. He claimed the money was going to him, who was indeed poor, but he remained poor, and it was never evident he got any money. The whole situation is confusing, but serious. His cartel helped fund arms for a New Uket battle that almost became a war. This character was completely contradictory to Konnôr, and thus he changed his name just for his uncle
  • Stewart Flachtinksberd-Koles (Great-grandfather)--[Born October 6, 1874, died June 16, 1957] - Fought in many wars, and brought the whole pacifist undertone to the Flachtinksberd family that eventually hit a spike with Konnôr 4 generations later.
  • Lukas and Anne Flachtinksberd (Grandparents) - Emigrated to Rohoveyan in 1916.


Early Life

Konnôr Flacktingsberd was born on June 6, 1980 by his parents Irma and Lukas II Flachtinksberd in Woods, Manswright. His original name was Konrad, but it was switched to Konnôr by his parents due to the name getting confused with Lukas II's dad Konrad, which Konnôr was not named after. He was an only child, and he grew up in the Ferlor District of Woods, the one often regarded as "Cedarhaven." He went to Ferlor Preschool and Kindergarten before going to Cedarhaven Primary until he reached high school. He campaigned for School VP, Secretary, and President many times throughout his time in Cedarhaven Primary, and never won. He was often known for trying to justify the winner and who should get consequences in any fight or conflict at school. He showed his pacifism and wanting for peace early in his life along with his lawyer-like, motivational personality. This showed when he entered Cedarhaven High, and one School President in his first year there, and won it again in his 3rd year. All throughout high school, he took law classes and got a scholarship for Albertston School of Law in his final year of high school.

Outside of school, he tried to do the best he could for his hometown Woods, and was often revered for helping end the gang "Fircutters." This may have been fuel for his 1st year election in high school. He executed messages all throughout his school time, and was often trying to make people happier during the summer breaks. He was often outisde, and didn't spend much time at the arcade or playing video games like a lot of his friends. He wasn't into much music, and his musical opinions are extremely scattered. Even to this day, he cannot determine which genre he enjoys best.

Throughout his earliest life, he was often seen as different from the rest, but his message quickly spread later in life. His acceptance into Albertston School of Law was a key turning point for him, and marks a new age in his life.

Law School and Early Work

On July 2, 1998, Konnôr Flachtinksberd was accepted into Albertston School of Law in Albertston, Manswright. He would study there for 6 years until finally graduating with 4 degrees on June 19, 2004. During this time, he would practice and practice, studying political topics, and working on his lawyer skills under actual lawyers during his breaks in the spring and summer. He continued strong work and passed all his classes, but his determination led him to stay in the school until he got his PhD, which he did get on June 17, 2004.

His first case happened during his law school years, after he got his first associate's. He was allowed to serve in a certain court case, and he did. This case was a small robbery case in which a burgular had invaded his cousin's home and taken 50$ from him so he could buy a bicycle. He was fined 50$.

After his work at the school, he served as a lawyer from July 1, 2004-March 6, 2011, when he became governor of Manswright for the first time. These years were good years, but got sort of clustered 2008 and onwards due to his work as senator.

He served many cases, and gained a reputation as a good lawyer, even traveling out-of-county during 2007. This law career was not a mild one, and he would often appear on television. Some of his cases have been slightly contraversial, but his intrepid understanding of crimes and law almost always caused him to win a fair case. His pacifism could be seen in the court of law, and it was a bit strange coming from a lawyer, but it certainly worked. He spread his message more in his first social media platform, BeakTube. On August 16, 2005, he made a BeakTube account, and made his first video in February 2006 about how to make sure everything is justified and peaceful. It was 15 minutes long, and blew up around his senator career campaign.

His most famous case is either the Hans Flachtinksberd Cartel case because they were relatives, and it caused a name change on his part, or the Fle'chen Kursteheyan case because it was such a convoluted story that was so very confusing, and the case stretched out for about 2 months, making it one of the longest cases in Piggy Planet Lawyer History.

He eventually campaigned for senator of Manswright in 2011, and won the popular statement, as they new he would defintely do something with his job.

Senator Years

In April 2008, senator Tim McFackerson announced he would step down as senator in August. Konnôr made his move. His senatorial campaign was a rather easy one: There was 1 other candidate who didn't stand for anything, while he announced he would take noticeable action. He did what he did best: Solve cases and get rid of any anti-peace going on.

When inaugerated on September 3, 2008, Konnôr said to the crowd of 10,000 in Albertston he would take action. During his first months, this action was subtle, but became ever-so-present in 2009. He stopped the terror that was the Beaverhill Street Gang Riot, and the amount of gangs stooped from 104 to 31 in 4 months. He served as laywer in 50% of the gang members' cases. He had a good view in the public eye, one that would only improve.

In June 2009, he started the Manswright Order Action, a fund to educate the civillian on how to stop local gangs from terrorizing them, how to break up fights, how to stop petty didn't go well. He raised $7,000, and the program was abandoned. However, he continued his work. When political topics came up, he served well as he was once a lawyer. He was fantastic senator material.

Towards late 2010, he had served in the case of the Secretary of State's law-breaking actions, and almost singlehandedly one over the senate's view on her. She was kicked out of office. Konnôr had a lot going for him, and he announced in November 2010 on a Facepork message: I'm running for governor of Manswright in 2011. The network went wild.

Governor Years

Presidential Campaign

He was up against Gormon Su'ulutat for his campaign. The overall course of the campaign was neck-and-neck, but Konnôr Flacktingsberd won out, and it is safe to assume that if Su'ulutat got elected for a second term, things would probably be very terrible.


As stated many times earlier in this article, Konnôr is a peaceful pacifist. He likes nature, despises conflict, and spends lots of time outside. He knows how to handle criticism extremely well, and has publicly made an appeal. His personality is not timid like the typical pacifist, but an outgoing content one that is seen at his many conferences and speeches in which he convincingly displays strategies for achieveing bird-pig peace. The little time he does spend on Social Media can also reveal his personality more, a personality that does not throw tantrums or rage or argue, one that posts happy messages, and one that respects feedback and opinions.



Konnôr is an orange starling with gray feathers down his underbelly. He has 2 head feathers that flop over each other, and has a long 4 tail feathers in the back. He has a gray beak and gray feet. He keeps a tidy look, and wears red or blue ties on a business like outfit. He wears all different kinds of buckle pants, but he keeps the look similar to his lawyer-like outfit. He is not very muscular, nor is he flabby.



He has a social media account on BeakTube, Tweeter, Facepork, and Hoggstagram. He hasn't taken the trouble to make many other social media accounts due to how busy he is, and he struggles to keep all 4 already existing accounts active. His presence there doesn't have much of an impact on his career, and really only exists so he can exist on the internet. He has 134K BeakTube subs, 86.4K Tweeter followers, 209K Facepork followers, and 28.9K Hoggstagram followers.


Early Career and Action


He maintains good relationships with powerhouse nations such as Piggania, and smaller nations such as Protoclyad and Porcalonos Islands. It has been proven that he and Porcalonian Prime Minister Triplos Penguinos get along very well, and trade in the WTO has been going well with them. He does not have a good relationship with nations such as New Uket like Su'ulutat once did, and has been angering their population over time.


Present Day

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