Yes he was named after the care bear of the same name, but I promise he's different

Laugh-A-Lot is a male bird.


Other than his jokes, Laugh-A-Lot has loads of tricks up his feathers! The ones he uses the most are his party time boxes and laughing gas. His party time boxes act like smoke bombs, but with sparkles and confetti. His laughing gas though is something you should rather avoid. He sprays it from his hat, and anybody in the cloud will start laughing uncontrollably...


Laugh-A-Lot wouldn't be the bird he is today if it wasn't for his parents, who were both in a notorious group of thieves. They would steal anything from anyone when it struck midnight. And they were almost never caught, thanks to each of members’ super bird powers. Laugh-A-Lot at the time really loved watching anything that was meant to crack a laugh out of you. From kids shows to mimes to those scary clowns at the carnival. His father took note of his son’s interests, as he was gonna put them to use later in his son’s life. When Laugh-A-Lot finished high school, that’s when his parents started teaching him to become a superpowered thief just like them. Laugh A Lot spent many long years training and getting used to his ever developing powers, and eventually, Laugh-A-Lot started a thief group of his own! He now makes his victims roll on the floor laughing against their will before he inevitably steals their belongings. There was just a little side effect of his constant usage of his powers....he seems to like his party time boxes WAY too much....


On the outside Laugh-A-Lot is a funny and upbeat guy with a tiny bit of insanity, and on the inside it's the same story, only a lot more insane. When he sees something he likes, he sprays his laughing gas and makes a run for it. Then comes back to the birds like nothing happened. Though he more often steals from the pigs for the birds' benefit. Other than stealing, Laugh-A-Lot also likes to tell lots of jokes. Some funny, some boring, and some outright cruel. Out of all of the birds, he steals from Chaitalee the most. But Chaitalee is quick to act and sends a horde of fireworks his way. Laugh-A-Lot does seem to like the birds and is loyal to them, but he just loves to steal from them that much more....


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