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Lazer Bird
Gender Male
Species Canary
Size Medium
Locations Most Levels
Abilities & Strengths
Abilities Lock on target
Strength Normal
First appearance unknown
Latest appearance unknown
Voice Actors
Voiced by Unknown

    Chuck, along with a few other birds in the flock, was first teased in a new project for Rovio at the beginning of 2012. This was soon introduced to be the next installment of the series, Angry Birds Space. Chuck, along with the other birds, were featured with superhero costumes based on comic book characters.

The game's story begins with Chuck and the other birds taking care of the eggs, when a wormhole opens up in the sky, with Ice Bird shooting out with his eggsteroid. A robotic arm follows shortly after, and kidnaps the eggsteroid, along with the flock's eggs. They sling themselves into the portal to chase after the eggs. Through the vortex, they are transformed into their space counterparts. They fly out into the final frontier, beginning the events of the game.

Chuck is now known as "Lazer Bird", based on the comic book character Cyclops. He now has goggles, a flowing red cape, and a spiky top feather. His most notable difference is his color change, now being purple rather than yellow. 

In gameplay, Lazer Bird previously had a tail feather resembling his top feather but was eventually replaced with his cape.

This is the first time that Chuck is the fourth bird introduced, rather than the third. He swaps places with Bomb.


Lazer Bird can fly into whatever direction the player taps to, which is the first time Chuck has ever received an ability change. This makes him an extremely useful character to have, as he can quite literally go anywhere the player desires.

When his ability is activated, he will not be affected by gravitational fields or zero-gravity until he hits a surface.

When he changes direction, he increases speed, giving him more strength.

His strengths and weaknesses are pretty much the same as Chuck's. He cannot destroy glass very well, can destroy multiple shards of wood, and cannot destroy stone.

It is notable that the longer the distance Lazer Bird has to travel, the slower and weaker he becomes. The player should keep this in mind, as if he has to travel all the way across the level, he will not be able to destroy anything.