Lightsaber Pig
Lightsaber Pig
General Info
Powers Reflect any incoming object/bird with his lightsaber
First Level Appearance: Future Fiasco 6-30 (Angry Birds Fanon: The Game)
Gender: Male
Species: Pig
Locations: Future Fiasco
Strength: Strong then weak if lightsaber is destroyed.
Size: Any

Lightsaber Pig is a pig who has a lightsaber and dons a Darth Vader mask. He is first seen in Future Fiasco 6-30 in Angry Birds Fanon: The Game. He was always a Star Wars fan that's why he has a lightsaber and a Darth Vader mask.


He first appeared in Future Fiasco 6-30 where he is in a short stabilized platform. He has a healthbar that says: LIGHTSABER PIG. When is lightsaber is destroyed he will be much easier to defeat as he takes one hit without his lightsaber.

Tips and tricks

  • Don't use weak birds against him he will thrash them out with his lightsaber for sure.
  • Splitting birds are useless too.
  • Get strongest birds as possible against him.
  • Exploding birds also thrash him out too.
  • You can only use a weak/splitting bird at him when he loses his lightsaber.


  • This is the first fanmade pig made by LordOfSpaghetti.
  • His ability acts like Darth Vader from Cloud City 4-40 and Qui Gon Jinn from Battle Of Naboo 3-30.
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