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A list of eggs in games and stuff. Non-Angry Birds eggs can be in Other Series/Stuff section.


Angry Birds series

  • Normal Egg (allows drops a Egg Bomb, but no powers in real games)
  • Golden Egg (allows drops a Golden Egg Bomb and burns pigs, but no powers on the episode Golden Eggs)
  • Rainbow Egg
  • Boy and Girl Eggs
  • Easter Egg
  • Eggnoids
  • TNT Egg
  • Butterfly Egg

Angry Birds Egg

  • Silver Egg
  • Bronze Egg (Hatches Out - Bronze Bird)
  • Random Eggs (used by Egg Bird) (also appears in Angry Birds Facebook but on Easter Hunt only)
  • Screaming Egg (used by Red Egg Bird)
  • Splitting Egg (used by Blue Egg Bird)
  • Speeding Bird (used by Yellow Egg Bird)
  • Exploding Egg (used by Black Egg Bird)
  • Dropping Egg (used by White Egg Bird)
  • Reverse Egg (used by Boomerang Egg Bird)
  • Moan Egg (used by Big Brother Egg Bird)
  • Infaltion Egg (used by Orange Egg Bird)
  • Freezing Egg (used by Ice Egg Bird)
  • Super Egg (allows the bird grows)
  • Add-it-Up Egg (allows to add another bird)
  • Sling-Scope Egg (allows where the bird goes at the pigs with white lines)
  • Bird Egg (Hatches out - Any Fanon Bird or Real Bird)
  • Blu Egg (Hatches out - Blu)
  • Jewel Egg (Hatches out - Jewel)
  • Red Egg (Hatches out - Red Egg Beater)
  • Cerise Egg (Hatches out - Cerise Bird)
  • Electromagnetic Egg (Hatches out - Electro Bird)

As a Character (Bird/Pig)

As Egg Bombs

Easter Contest

Other Series/Stuff

These eggs are not from Angry Birds.

From Super Mario/Yoshi series:

  • Yoshi Egg (allows turn a bird into Yoshi)
  • Birdo Egg (allows turn a bird into Birdo)

From Tiny Monsters:

  • Fire Egg (allows shoots fireballs)
  • Earth Egg
  • Plant Egg
  • Ice Egg
  • Electric Egg
  • Water Egg
  • Air Egg
  • Magma Egg
  • Cinder Egg
  • Tree Egg
  • Flower Egg
  • Mountain Egg
  • Bug Egg
  • Frost Egg
  • Legendery Egg

From Shugo Chara:

  • Heart's Egg
  • Guardian Eggs
  • X-Eggs
  • Mystery Eggs