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These Stamps can be obtained by achieving objectives in Angry Birds: World by Allan-Stark Industries.

Bird Stamps[]

  • Original Flock - Unlock Red, Chuck and Bomb
  • Green Light - Unlock Hal the Boomerang Bird
  • Greyest - Unlock Wizard Grey Bird
  • The Power of Sardines - Buy the Mighty Eagle power-up
  • Old Friends - Meet and Play with Blu and Jewel
  • The Egg - Unlock the One Egg.
  • Trio - Unlock the three Blues
  • Puff Puffing - Unlock Bubbles the Orange Bird
  • Pink Power - Unlock Stella the Pink Bird
  • Freeze Power - Fight as Ice Bird at Piglands
  • What comes Air - Unlock Hawk
  • Egg-boom - Unlock Matilda the White Bird
  • DOOOM! - Unlock Atomic Bird
  • This Bird is On Fire! - Unlock Fire Bird
  • Thief of Pigs - Unlock Water Bird
  • Clouds Shock - Unlock the Rain Bird
  • Sensei - Unlock Sensei Bird.
  • Sunshine - Unlock Sun Bird
  • The Bird behind the Mask - Discover Mysterious Bird's identity
  • Long Live the King - Play as King Pig as an allie of the Flock!

Level Stamps[]


Stamps are seen in the passport earned in In a Frost.