Little Fat Pig

A picture of Little Fat Pig and his Brother.

Little Fat Pig (AKA Baby Fat Pig) is a Pig who is smaller than Fat Pig. He is weaker, but he throws anything at the Slingshot. Fat Pig tells him not to throw things, but he throws things when it comes to fighting. Sometimes, things are too heavy and go a short way. This is good for him in Angry Birds Space, because it moves round gravity, so it can hit Birds.


About Little Fat Pig

  • Name: Little Fat Pig
  • Known as: Fat Pig Jr, Baby Fat Big, Super Big Pig.
  • Family: Fat Pig (Father), Female Fat Pig (Mother), Big Brother Fat Pig (Brother).
  • Other Family: Food Pig (Best Friend), Hungry Pig (Friend).


Powers (Useless)

You really wanna read this stuff? Go ahead!

  • Original: Throw things
  • Ninja: Throw things (Pigs keep their own power)
  • Space: Throw things (He keeps his power)


Power (Useful)

  • Hitting Birds in slingshot: They disintergrate, and the next Bird gets on the slingshot.
  • Hitting flying Birds: They get weaker. If they get TOO weak, they fall straight down, disintergrating after.

Power Info

  • If he makes Bomb Bird too weak, he explodes, as his strength lets him explode.
  • If he makes Big Brother Bird too weak, he slowly falls down, but disintergrates like normal, not straight after falling.
  • Hitting Bomb Bird in the slingshot makes him explode. If the other Birds are too close, they explode. But ONLY the ones in the explosion.
  • Hitting White Bird in the slingshot makes him drop his Egg Bomb, making the next Bird explode.
  • Hitting Yellow Bird in the slingshot makes him fly backwards. If the Birds are lucky, he comes straight back. Bad thing is, he pushes the Bird out of the Slingshot. Good thing, he goes straight ahead untill he goes too far.



  • He is the 2nd Pig by Redbird07 to have a power. Good Pig was the first.
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