Logger Pig
General Info
Powers Swings his axe at a TNT or a piece of media to blow it up, which will move him away from a bird.
First Level Appearance: Swine Trees Level 3
Gender: Undetermined
Species: Sus Scrofa
Locations: Swine Trees, Big Boss Battle, King Pig's Lair
Strength: below average
Size: medium


When he grew up, he needed a job so he got employed and became a logger. When the birds came, he but his logging skills to use.


Aim away from the Logger Pig, so there's a 50% chance that when he moves, he will move where your bird will hit. The other 50% is him moving away from your bird. Trust me, it's 50-50.


Coming Soon!


  • He is basically an in-game lumberjack pig from the Toons.
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