Lumberjack Piggy is a character that appears in Stage 2 of Rap Birdz.


He is a pig with a brown beard and a bright red beanie. He is usually seen wielding his trusty sharp axe. Lumberjack Piggy is known for chopping down trees and making fine woodwork.


Lumberjack Piggy was born in a large forest. His mother liked to work with wood. When Lumberjack Piggy was a baby, he watched his mother saw, chop and hammer. His Dad was able to sell the woodwork, making them into a rich family. He had a sister, however she was lost in the forest; some say the forest devoured her. At the age of 14, his Mother went to the cinema with some friends. His dad went to a bar. He was left alone, with nothing but the forest. He went out searching, but found nothing. When he came back, he found a crowd of people, telling him that his father killed somebody in a drunken rage. When Dad came home, he made a wooden sword and a wooden shield to defend himself from those who wanted him dead. He eventually, because of an idea from Lumberjack Piggy, took his axe instead. That left Lumberjack Piggy with his mother, another axe, their equipment and the forest.

When Lumberjack Piggy was 17, he encountered Eccentria, which took place in Rap Birdz. Lumberjack Piggy, thanks to her mother’s teachings, he taught Eccentria how to build a slingshot.


  • He is the second pig to be made by ButterBlaziken230. The first was Scorchsnout.
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