The Lunar Lands Archapelago are a group of 7 islands that unite power through all of the islands. We'll just be covering the the Center Island which is crowned "King who keeps us together".

Island Core

The island core keeps the island together. In the center of the core lies the Cirronimbus, a supercloud that unites the islands together. The cloud is powered by the 9 ancient orbs guarded by The Legion.

Sandy Shores

A relaxation beach and a great place to start for a vacation. Myusix always takes a walk there all because of the breathtaking scenery of the ocean

Heavy Grasslands

These grasslands is filled with vegitation and other incects like bees and butterflies. This is also the lair of the Cubicons. A castle is nearby the edge of the grasslands and Cubicons are trying their master plan to dominate the archapelago.

Lavender Roads

This is a tourist attraction famous for it's crystal caves and garden of glass. The crystals are glow in the dark inside the caves. Lilith goes there at 12:00 am for spirit summoning in the middle of the night.

Shrine Shores

The shore is home to many Zinnia Flowers. You being surrounded by Zinnia's is a very calming. This just all I say here.

Porkainia City

A giant, modern metropolis filled with pigs and ruled by Porksworth XII. The metropolis has many buisnesses, schools, houses and many more. The pigs do want the cloud and the orbs so they must go through The Legion first. And most of the time the pigs fail.

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