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Mad "Brown" Bird
General Info
Powers Unleashes a fury of Fire and Lighting from the body
First Level Appearance: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: (Previous) Human/Demon

(Current) Bird/Demon

Locations: Many
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

The Mad Bird or Brown Bird is a new bird which was introduced at an unknown time period. His ability, when activated, is changing into his dark form which then surrounds him with a sphere of fire and lightning capable of destroying all kinds of stuctures except stone ones.


He's a round brown Bird with his feathers on his head set to a certain shape. He also has white feathers under his beak. His dark form has an identical appearance, except with a darker beak and feathers, roughed up feathers and black eyes with a red outline.


Personal Data[]

  • Name: Mitchel
  • Known Aliases: Mad "Brown" Bird. Plasma Bird (from Angry Bird Space)
  • Group Affiliation: None
  • Best Friends: None


When Mitchel is calm is generally a good bird to be around, and at times can make no sense as he blurts out random things when bored, although a kind heart, he's feels somewhat outcasted, due to being originally human, he is usually obvivious to most things that happen, and therefore doesn't participate in the bird's attempts to retrive their eggs until he's either there to witness the eggs being stolen or is told about about the event. When Mitchel is angered his temper can be at times greater than Bombs, this usually happens when:

  • Something doesn't work out for him or being left out of group activity he's fully aware of.
  • King Pig's torments, which often result in the King being blasted back into his castle, but when Mitchel's around other Birds, he'll simply mock him and join in on their pranks.

He slightly confused about how the others fuss over the eggs when he knows that the white bird uses eggs as a weapon against the pigs.


He was once originally human, he noticed that some green blob like beings (The pigs) robbing a store of all of it's eggs, chasing after them he stumbled into the portal, the portal effected his being and turned him into the brown bird.