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Mama Monster is the first boss is Angry Birds Breadwinners and is the boss of Swamp Pad. Her only appearance in Breadwinners was Frog Day Afternoon.

Mama Monster
Mama Monster
General Info
Powers Punching, Throwing ducks, Tackling
First Level Appearance: Swamp Pad-30
Gender: Female
Species: Monster
Locations: Swamp Pad
Strength: Undying
Size: Enormous

Oonski the Great took a picture of the birds, SwaySway, and Buhdeuce with Big Baby Buns in order to frame them for child abduction. He convinces Mama Monster that they took her baby. She then releases her wrath upon them.

Boss Battle[]

Flying around in the Rocket Van, you need to aim the Breadzooka at Mama Monster's stomach. Rapidly shoot it and she will eventually fall over. When you have the opportunity, dive down and aim for the stomach. Hold down as long as you can. The longer you hold down, the faster her health bar goes down. She will attack by punching and throwing innocent ducks at you, which can easily be dodged. Also, she can tackle you, which can be harder to avoid. Her back is invulnerable to bread being shot. She can also swing her arms and charge at you.


  • After her defeat and reuniting with Big Baby Buns, she breaks the fourth wall when she says "At least this incident gave you guys an excuse to have your first boss battle".