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Mario is the main protagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise, but the main antagonist and final boss of Angry Birds Go!: Survival of the Fastest.

General Info
Powers Many
First Level Appearance: Rainbow Road
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Locations: Mushroom Kingdom
Strength: Depends
Size: Depends


One day on Mario's planet, he was holding a Mario Kart tournament. However, there were eleven racers instead of twelve. King Pig somehow heard of this and wanted to be that twelfth racer. When he got there, he caused a huge wreck, and Mario banned him.

The following day, King Pig was having his own "Bad Piggies Go!" tournament. No one knew that Mario arrived at Piggy Planet to get revenge on King Pig for ruining his tournament.

List of appearances[]

List of appearances
Game Role
Angry Birds Go!: Survival of the Fastest Main antagonist and final boss