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Her power is to lay...THIS EGG!

Matilda space


Kindhearted Matilda tries to find a peaceful solution for everything-she even brews herbal tea to keep Bomb calm. She dreams of the pigs and birds living in harmony but in the meantime, her passion for protecting all living things ensures she's fully behind every mission to protect the eggs.

Likes: Practicing Nest Shui to make a tranquil nesting environment.

Hates: Anything or anyone-including herself-who harms fauna.

Appearances in Angry Birds Magic Space[]

If you get 3 stars on every 20 levels, a flower-shaped level will open up. All of these contain only Matilda in it and only Matilda. There will be 3-4 white birds in each level and the levels are officially known as "Girl Power" levels.

Note: She is a space bird.