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Maya, also known as Sabine, is a female bird in Angry Birds Epic Unexpected Adventure and Angry Birds: Winter Tales, replacing Gale from Angry Birds Stella (only in Winter Tales). She is the main protagonist of the Kamella Dreamland Adventure series.

Her appearance takes the form of Stella, Gale and Willow.

Maya is very cunning, and like to adventure. Unfortunately she has grand adventures but cannot always follow through. It aggrovates her to see someone destroying her habitat. She is a free spirit but is the most silent of the group. She's also sometimes holds back her feelings aside from when someone is around. She hates it when someone disturbs her when she has a cunning statement. Mostly she's special, and she's being moody at all times. But when she gets angry, she can spin and flash at all times. She likes drawing and painting.

Maya is known to be the eldest of her friends (which are considered sisters).

Personal Data[]

Name: Maya

Nickname: Sabine

Power: Purple Flash Spin

Species: Unknown

Gender: Female

Best Friends/Allies: Friendship Flock, Bambi and her friends, Juga (formerly, deceased)

Enemies: Juga (formerly, deceased), Star Butterfly (currently)


Maya is silent, kind, shy, cunning, artistic and charismatic, which means that she is more like Willow, but more like Stella, and most like Gale.

Maya Fact File[]

What makes her angry?

When someone stands in her way, even Juga. She gets mostly despised by Star Butterfly for her defeat.


Maya likes painting, and it impresses her friends. But she doesn't hold back from expressing her true feelings, she just said it anyway. Thanks to Stella's friends' powers, and with her elements, she can defeat any enemy including Juga, excluding Star.

Special move

Purple Flash Spin (Spin Whirl in Kamella Dreamland Adventure and the second sequel. Gives high damage, effective on other enemies including Juga. Not effective and weak against Star)


  • Maya resembles Stella, Gale and Willow.
    • Later she has several colors aside from purple. She has a stretchable tail and prongs.
  • In a special crossover between Monster Legends, Angry Birds and Qumi - Qumi (later with Wander Over Yonder, Star vs The Forces of Evil and My Little Pony), Maya is considered as the main character.
    • Her nickname is not mentioned in the series, and replacing Gale, she faces Juga alone.
    • Aside from Juga, after Kazumi's final mistake she faces Star Butterfly alone.


Second Sequel[]