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Metallic Pig is a pig created by ButterBlaziken230 which were created by Porktron in Angry Birds: The Machine Chronicles.


They are a normal looking pig encased in a metal skin. They have no mouth but they have large blue eyes. They have an even large nose. They have two little ears at the top of their head.


The Metallic Pigs were created in groups by Porktron when the Bird Chamber had a massive security breach. Major amounts of information was stolen. Porktron built and programmed Metallic Pigs to guard the chamber while he looked for the culprit. Eventually, Porktron found out it was a heroic bird with mighty powers, so after doing research and tests on the bird, his body was pounded to death by Metallic Pigs who didn’t know any better. Metallic Pigs are loyal to Porktron, and will murder those who temper with their programming.

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