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Mighty Bird was a fake mighty creature that is just smaller than mighty eagle and mighty dragon look like Ablino Bird with gray spots.

You can throw him with out using the fish.

He look like a Red Bird but White.

His space form was space bird and smaller than his normal form and he wants to be the darkness.

He wants to be big like the mighty eagle and the mighty dragon but not.

Ninja Mighty Bird

He wants to be in angry birds ninja but unused only.

He want to squawk bigger but the same sound as Red Bird.

He in the angry birds mighty bird movie too he the fastest.

He's the 2nd smallest Mighty Bird, the 1st being Mighty Little

Mighty Bird Card

Mighty Bird Card Not found in angry birds cards page.

Mighty Bird

First Level

Every level and you have to buy him to put him on a level.



Space form first appear

Angry birds space 11


White with gray spots

Mighty Bird Cut-Out


Red Bird and Mighty Bird

Red Bird and Mighty Bird

Mighty Bird