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Bubbles, the Orange Bird is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced late in 2011 and is the third bird not originally part of the Flock. In the Fuji TV exclusive episode Sakura Ninja, Bubbles appears dressed in a Soldier costume, making it the first time he has appeared in costume in any game and completely new game sprites were created for the respective episode.

Mighty Bubbles[]

Mighty Bubbles is the mightiest bird of the flock. He has two pointy hairs with red eyebrows and a black shading around his eyes. His home is like Luca's from Angry Birds Stella. He doesn't inflate anymore, he uses his beak for fast pecking and his wand to shoot explosive crystals. He doesn't cry anymore, he gets angry, then jumps and uses his tail to slap anybody. He doesn't eat candy anymore, he eats fruits, vegetables, cake, bread and biscuits. He is not happy from last year, he is now serious like Willow and Red. He gets himself more serious when Gale and Idia do not do as he says. When Jake asks for help, he smiles a bit, but not even. When with Matilda, she gives him a hug to control anger levels. He doesn't do fake quests when he thinks its a trap to threat his friends. When with Poppy, he still smiles a bit and happily explores her home.


Mighty Bubbles is the proctector of the flock. The mightiest bird and the reverse of Red.

  • Messenger

Star Crasher[]

Attacks all enemies. Deals 600 damage with 70 damage.


Gives 64% healing to the characters. Last 3 turns.


Ignores greater than 325 damage. Reflects the damage the enemy costs with additional 190 damage.

  • Avenger (unlike Red)

Brief Attack[]

Attacks all enemies. Deals 700 damage.

Brief Healing[]

Gives 78% healing to all characters. Last 3 turns.


Ignores less than 945 damage.

  • Rogues (unlike Jake)

Crystal Bomb[]

Attacks all enemies. Deals 589 damage.

Jar of Life[]

Gives 87% healing to all characters. Last 2 turns.


Ignores greater than 132 damage.

  • Snapper

Shine Struck[]

Attacks all enemies. Deals 798 damage.

Bomb Struck[]

Gives 91% healing to all characters. Last 2 turns.

Equal Shock[]

Ignores lesser than 891 damage. Reflects damage enemy costs.

  • Changeling

Moon Pecker[]

Attacks all enemies. Deals 972 damage.

Force Strike[]

Gives 50% healing to all characters. Last 1 turn.

Quick Miss[]

Ignores greater than 231 damage.