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  • Red Bird
  • Blue Birds
  • Yellow Bird
  • Bomb Bird
  • White Bird
  • Minion Pigs
  • King Pig
  • Corporal Pig
  • Foreman Pig
  • Professor Pig (debut)


Episode begins like Poached Eggs, except Professor Pig is there.

  • Foreman Pig: Good morning, pigs.
  • Pigs (except Foreman Pig): Good morning, Foreman P.
  • Foreman Pig: Today, with the help of Professor Pig, we will be making cardboard cut-outs of female birds to distract the flock. Professor Pig, King Pig, take it away!
  • King Pig: Thank you, Foreman. Professor Pig here...
  • Professor Pig: Hi.
  • King Pig: Uh, yeah. Anyways, Professor Pig built some templates of wooden birds. You pigs, will paint them.
  • Professor Pig: Minion Pig 1, you make a Female Red. Minion Pig 2, you make female Blues. Minion Pig 3, you make a female Chuck. Minion Pig 4, you make a female Bomb. And Corporal Pig, you make a male Matilda. Foreman Pig, King Pig, & I will stand up here and turn them in to us when you are done.

Scene cuts to the nest and Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb & Matilda. The pigs pop up from behind a bush.

  • Minion Pig 1 (acting like Female Red): Hi Red, honey.
  • Red: He-ello Redette. New 'round here?
  • Minion Pig 1 (acting like Redette): Hehehe!
  • Minion Pig 2, 5, & 6 (acting like Female Blues): Oh, boys.
  • Blue Jay: He-
  • Blue Jake: -ello
  • Blue Jim: Bluettes.
  • Minion Pig 3 (acting like Female Chuck): Ehem.
  • Chuck: Holy bird seed! Who are you?
  • Minion Pig 3 (acting like Female Chuck): Why, I'm Chuckette. Hehehe.
  • Minion Pig 4 (acting like Female Bomb): Hello, Bomb. Need some help takin' care of Bomb Jr.
  • Bomb: Bombette, honey. Why, lets raise him.
  • Minion Pig 4 (acting like Bombette): Hehehe.
  • Corporal Pig (acting like Male Matilda): Oh, Matilda.
  • Matilda: (gasp) Matt.
  • Corporal Pig (acting like Matt): Matilda. Let's go honey.
  • Red: Let's all go on a date.

The birds and pigs (Birdettes) go off. King Pig, Foreman Pig, & Professor Pig pop out from the same bush.

  • King Pig: Now let's get the eggs. I'll get the first. Foreman, you get the second. And Professor, you get the third.

Each pig grabs an egg.

  • King Pig: Now, RUN OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pigs run off. The birds come back.

  • Red: So we all had an awesome day.

Corporal Pig sneezes, blowing off the cardboard cut-outs.

  • The Flock: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!