Mighty Shark
Mighty Shark
General Info
Powers Eat Pigs/Blocks in his way.
First Level Appearance: Any in Angry Birds Water (Depends on when you buy it)
Gender: Male
Species: Shark
Locations: Angry Birds Water
Strength: GOSH!
Size: I look like an idiot next to him.

(This can have something to do with Angry Birds, there is a Dragon in Angry Birds Year Of The Dragon) Mighty Shark appears in Angry Birds Water, a Redbird07 game that is coming soon!


He was a little...oh, you would not be intested anyway.



He costs $0.99 (£0.06) like the Mighty Eagle. He comes from the top of the screen, goes forward, goes back up after! After using him, wait 1 hour OR get a full Mighty Shark Tooth OR get 3 stars in a level WITHOUT power ups.


More Coming Soon!

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