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The Mighty Space Dragon is the Mighty Dragon when he came to space in Angry Birds Seasons Space. He only appears in "Year if the Space Dragon" where he replaces the Space Eagle.

Mighty Space Dragon
Mighty space dragon
General Info
Powers Same as his normal counterpart
First Level Appearance: Any in Year of the Space Dragon
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Locations: Any level in Year of the Space Dragon
Strength: Extreme
Size: Massive


Like the Space Eagle, the Space Dragon is an optioonal mighty creature that will destroy any fortress. However, it has a different attack pattern than the Eagle. Just like his normal counterpart, the Space Dragon will attack by going in a loop. It will come from the top-left of the screen and go for the koi and them makes a small earthquake afterward shaking the fortress to kill any pigs that it missed. Just like the two other creatures, if you use it on an incomplete level you have to wait an hour to use it again. Fortunately, if you use it0 0on a completed level, it will have unlimited uses on that one level.


  • Year of the Space Dragon (debut)
  • Trick or Space Treat
  • Space Mooncake Festival
  • Space Ham'O'ween
  • Haunted Space Hogs
  • Back to Space School


  • He attacks just like his normal counterpart.
  • The Space Eagle has limited uses unlike him.
  • He appears in Angry Birds Space Trilogy.
  • He is the fifth mighty creature to be introduced.
  • While the Space Eagle attacks from his opposing view, the Space Dragon attacks like him but he also does a loop.
  • For some reason, he also appears in the Space Seasons episode "Back to Space School".
  • Now he appears in all Halloween episodes.
  • In the version 1.7.0 update, he is now in all Chinese New Year themed episodes.