General Info
Powers Mimicking the power of the first bird to hit it
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds: The Birds Are Trapped!
Gender: Male (Female if mimicked Matilda, Stella or Silver)
Species: Rare Rainbow Mimic Pig (Imitantur Eritquarcus Sus)
Locations: Piggy Island
Strength: Strong
Size: Medium (before mimicry) Varies (after mimicry)

Mimic Pig is a new pig in the Angry Birds games.


When he was only a newborn piglet, his parents were finding a good name for him. Meanwhile, a tornado was heading towards his town, It was approaching pretty quickly. His parents tried to escape with him but failed. Mimpig flew into the tornado along with some other random objects, including a batch of radioactive waste. He span around in the twister and ended up looking like the image in the infobox. His parents then decided to name him… Mimpig.


  • When mimicking Red's ability, he would oink at the structure to possibly fix it.
  • When mimicking Chuck's ability, he would rush to the end of the level jumping over obstructing objects, and rush back, in an infinite loop.
  • When mimicking The Blues' ability, he would multiply into three.
  • When mimicking Bomb's ability, he would whip flying objects with his ear fuse to put them on fire, affective on wood.
  • When mimicking Matilda's ability, she would lay eggs to fly into the air (the explosion of the egg breaks her fall).
  • When mimicking Hal's ability, he would spin clockwise and lead things to him. He would then spin the other way to propel them.
  • When mimicking Terence's ability, he would become approximately 4.1 times stronger than King Pig.
  • When mimicking Bubbles's ability, he would become larger and have anything touch him bounce off.
  • When mimicking Stella's ability, she would trap nearby objects in bubbles when a bird approaches her.
  • When mimicking Silver's ability, she would levitate for a short time and do a 180° anticlockwise loop and slam.


  • The Mighty Eagle is the only bird who can pop him in one hit.
  • When mimicking Chuck, his movement is similar to that of the cube in Geometry Dash.
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