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Moonlight Mash
Something G
General Info
Release Date: October 26, 2018
Levels: 25
Episode Number: 1 (Seasons 2018)
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: Snow of the snorkers
Game(s): Angry Birds Seasons 5

Moonlight Mash is the new Halloween episode from Angry Birds Seasons 5 for 2018. The boss in this episode is the moustache pig with a pumpkin helmet. The uberboss is King Pig. It has two themes, each one with 15 levels in it, 3 golden eggs and one golden bat. It also brought us the new bat object, that if you destroy it, it flies to random directions and then flies away. There is also the new Mighty Pumpkin that lands on the pigs, explodes nuclear energy, and sends bats flying out of it which can destroy almost all the structure or poison the pigs with radiation until they pop. This episode was released on October 26, 2018.

Theme Song[]


Spongebob soundtrack - eerie tension

The theme song for Moonlight Mash is called "Eerie Tension" from APM Music and it it used in the show, "Spongebob Squarepants".



  • Red Bird

  • Blue Bird

  • Yellow Bird

  • White Bird

  • Black Bird

  • Green Bird

  • Orange Bird

  • Pink Bird

  • Terence

New Birds


Mighty Things[]

  • Mighty Eagle
  • Mighty Pumpkin (NEW!)
    Something K2

    The Mighty Pumpkin purchase page.


  • Small Pig

  • Medium Pig

  • Normal Pig

  • Moustache Pig (boss)

  • Helmet Pig

  • Fat Pig

Golden Eggs + Golden Bat[]

Golden Egg 1 - level 1-14: Use the white bird to destroy the stone rectangle. You will get the golden egg.

Golden Egg 2 - level 2-17: Zoom out so you can see perfectly well the golden egg with a pumpkin helmet. Launch the yellow bird towards it. You will get the golden egg.

Golden egg 3 - level 2-26: Shoot the red bird to the bat under the slingshot. When it flies away, another bat on a invisible rope will come, and he will hold the golden egg. Use the other birds to destroy one of them. You will get the golden egg.

Golden Bat: Get 3 stars on any level to unlock this bonus level.