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The angry birds were enjoying the day when Malcolm came and said,"look in the nest". The Birds screamed! The eggs were gone! Malcolm said,"my brother Cory took the pigs and gave them to the eggs. Oops! Well, you know what I mean". The birds growled and set off with Malcolm to find Cory and the pigs They stumbled across Sam, his mom, his dog Yeager, and his three cats Maggie, Milo, and Gibson. Malcolm asked them them if they would help and they agreed. They finally found the kin and the pigs. Cory was fending off some new Angry Birds while the pigs were protecting the eggs.


Red Bird

Blue Birds

Yellow Bird

Bomb Bird

White Bird

Boomerang Bird


Orange Bird

Pink Bird

Ice Bird

Malcolm: Beats up pigs

Sam: creates an atomic explosion

Mom: Scolds pigs

Yeager: Chases a ball. Smashing structure in the process

Maggie: Boxes pigs

Milo: Swats at pigs

Gibson: Sits on pigs

Turquoise Bird: Fires a jet of water at the pigs

Purple Bird: Creates a tornado

Lime Green Bird: Destroys all blocks

Teal Bird: Destroys half of the blocks

Chicon bird: Destroys Cory

Nut nut bird: beats up Cory and his dog jumps on him.

Crap crap: bird destroys Cory's airplanes.

Sam/Malcolm: bird beats up Cory

Mighty Creatures[]

Mighty Eagle

Mighty Hawk

Mighty Gibson

Mighty Milo

Mighty Maggie

Mighty Yeager


Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Helmet Pig

Moustache Pig

Fat Pig

Gigantic Pig

Prince Pig

Princess Pig

Queen PIg

King Pig


Fat Pig

Gigantic Pig

Prince Pig

Princess Pig

Queen Pig

King Pig

Fat Meanie

Cory Jr.

Cory Jr. Jr.

Nut Jr.



Fat Fat Fatty

Giant Malcolm

Princy Pets

Mr malcolm
General Info
Release Date: 12-12-12
Levels: 30 levels in each episode 7 episodes
Episode No.: none
Previous Episode: none
Next Episode: none
Game(s): Mr malcolm

Royal Fight

Fit for a Queen

King Fight

The Final Battle